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  Central Ground Water Board, Central Region, Nagpur issues various types of Scientific reports based on the activities being undertaken in Annual Action Programme every year. The different reports issued are on:  
Basic Hydrogeological Studies to bring out the Hydrogeological Framework of an area in Maharashtra and Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, called as Systematic Hydrogeological Study Report  
Ground Water Management studies in parts of different districts in Maharashtra.
Ground Water Resources & Development Potential of different districts in Maharashtra as well as Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Commonly called as District Reports.
Basic Data Report for each exploratory drilling site.
Short term water supply investigation conducted for various Government/Defence establishment/Autonomous bodies.
Monitoring of network of Ground Monitoring wells - four times in a year
Special Ground Water Studies
Urban Hydrogeological studies
Ground Water Pollution studies
Artificial Recharge  studies
Central Ground Water Board, Central Region, Nagpur has issued district reports of all the districts in Maharashtra and Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. These reports are revised from time to time. The Report on Hydrogeology and ground water resource of Maharashtra and Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli is also issued in 1994. Ground Water Exploration Report of State of Maharashtra, Master Plan for Artificial Recharge to Ground Water in Maharashtra have also been prepared.
State Atlas Top
  Based on work done, an Atlas entitled “Hydrogeological Atlas of Maharashtra”, on 1:2,000,000 scale has been issued in the year 1999. The Atlas contains 24 plates on various themes, such as soil type,rainfall distribution,physiography hydrogeology etc,. It is very much useful for planning and development of ground water resources of Maharashtra. It provides a comprehensive view of the hydrogeological conditions and related themes of Maharashtra.  
Reports Issued Since inception till March, 2005  
  The number of reports issued since inception till 31.3.2005 under different categories are summarized below:  
Reports issued

Systematic Hydrogeological Studies


Reappraisal Hydrogeological Study


Ground Water Resources & Development Potential of different districts in Maharashtra (District Reports)


Basic Data Report of Exploratory Wells drilled


Ground Water Monitoring


Water Supply Investigation


Artificial Recharge Project


Geophysical Survey


Urban Hydrogeological Studies


Ground Water Pollution and Chemical Quality


State Reports


District Development Plans


Ground Water User Maps

35(for all 34 districts and Dadra & Nagar Haveli

Other Scientific and Technical Reports

Papers Published  
  Scientists of CGWB, Central Region, Nagpur have contributed numerous Technical/Scientific papers which are published in various National/International Journal and Proceedings of various Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Symposia.  
Important Publications  Top
  The CGWB, Nagpur has been issuing number of reports on all the activities mentioned above. Some of the important reports issued in recent years are as follows:  
  1) A comprehensive software package for managing the data of Reappraisal Hydrogelogical surveys.  
  2) Ground Water Exploration in Maharashtra and Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.  
  3) Ground Water Studies and Development perspectives in Tribal areas of Maharashtra  
  4) Trends of Ground Water Levels in Maharashtra.  
  5) Artificial Recharge to Ground Water in Banana Growing areas of Yaval taluka of Jalgaon District.  
  6) Artificial Recharge to Ground Water in Orange Growing areas in Warud taluka of Amravati District.  
  7) Periodic Status Reports and Year Book on Ground Water Regime.  
  8) Ground Water Quality Reports of Maharashtra.  
  9) Development and Augmentation possibilities of Ground Water Resources in Nagpur Metropolitan Region.  
  10) Master Plan for Artificial Recharge to Ground Water in Maharashtra  
  11) Ground Water Atlas of Maharashtra State.  
  12) Hydrogeology of Maharashtra.  
  13) Geophysical Surveys in Rajiv Gandhi National Ground Water Research and Training Institute, Raipur, Madhya Pradesh.  
  14) Resistivity Surveys for Ground Water Exploration in Amravati, Nanded and Raigad districts of Maharashtra.  
  15) Geophysical Surveys in parts of Akola, Nanded, Nagpur and Latur districts of Maharshtra.  
  16) Impact of Dewatering of Padmapur-Durgapur Open Cast Coal Mines on ground water levels in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra.  
  17) Report on the Impact of Dewatering of Coal Mines on Ground Water Levels in the Kamthi-Inder-Gondegaon Coal Mines, Nagpur district.  
  18) Sea Water Ingress in the Coastal Tract of Vasai-Virar area, Thane district.  
  19) Study of the effects of Ash Ponds on Ground Water from Chadrapur Super Thermal Power Station, Maharashtra.  
  20) Potassium and Nitrate Pollution of Ground Water in Parbhani district.  
  21) Nitrate in Ground Water of Maharashtra.  
  22) Study of Flourosis Endemic Villages of Chandrapur district.  
  23) Impact of Industrialisation on Ground Water in parts of Ratnagiri district.  
  24) Impact of Sewerage Pollution on Ground Water Quality in Jarud Town, Warud taluka, Amravati district.  
  25) Impact of Sugar and Allied Industries on Ground Water quality of Nira Canal Coommand area, Pune and Satara districts.  
  26) Report on Ground Water utilization for domestic , irrigation and industrial purposes in Yaval and Raver talukas, Jalgaon district.  
  27) Report on Proposal for Notification of Yaval and Raver talukas, Jalgaon district.  
  28) Impact of Urbanisation on Ground water regime in Solapur city, Maharashtra  
  29) Impact assessment of Coal Mines Dewatering on ground water regime, Kamptee sub-area, Nagpur district, Maharashtra.  
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Amravati District
Buldhana District
Wardha District
Washim District
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