अगस्त 2016 के हाइलाइट्स



  • Status of implementation of Aquifer Mapping under Ground Water Management and Regulation Scheme during XII  Five   Year Plan.


In order to implement the Aquifer mapping Programme, various activities  have been  undertaken in the on-going Annual Action Plan  of       2016-17.  

In matter of data generation for Aquifer Mapping, the field activities  have been  taken up through in-house resources in priority areas during     2016-17.   Preparation of geological layers and other associated layers like subsurface geology, geomorphology and land use pattern  have been completed  for an area of  2,371,30 sq.km., 2,33,780 sq.km., 2,14,127 sq.km. and 1,67,979 sq.km. respectively during 2016-17.  Preparation of drainage map,   demarcation of water bodies, rainfall data analysis for estimation of recharge to ground water has been completed for an area of 2,90,754sq.km, 2,66,519 sq.km and 1,59,052 sq.km. respectively.  Amongst  the major ongoing activities, 238 exploratory wells have been  drilled, 14012 water samples have been  analyzed and 376 Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) and 33 Borehole logging  have been  conducted  during 2016 -17 (as on 31st   August, 2016).            

  • Training Programme conducted under Rajiv Gandhi National Ground  Water Training & Research Institute(RGNGWTRI):

The following Training courses have been conducted by various field offices of CGWB under the aegis of RGNGWTRI Raipur during August, 2016:-


Name of Training Course

No. of Participants





Water Well Construction : Techniques & Equipment level 1 conducted  during 11.07.2016 to 15.08.2016 at CGWB, DIV-XI, Bhopal

32 Participants from CGWB


Administration & Finance conducted  during 25.07.2016 to 05.08.2016

11 Participant from CGWB


Ground Water Management and Regulation conducted during 25.07.2016 to 12.08.2016  at RGNGWTRI, Raipur

34 Participants from Educational Institution


Ground Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment conducted during 08.08.2016 to 12.08.2016 at RGNGWTRI, Raipur

17  Participants( 10 from CGWB,3 from  State Govt. Organization  and  4 from PSU)


Site Selection for Water Well Construction conducted during  22.08.2016 to 26.08.2016 at RGNGWTRI, Raipur

 16 Participants ( 9 from CGWB, 4 from  State Govt. Organization , 2 from PSU and 1 from Educational Institution)





Tier-II Training Programme  conducted during 09.08.2016 to 13.08.2016 at Thoothkudi district, Taminadu

48 Participants


  • Other training Programme

  • Dr. Anadi Gayen  Dr. Ratikanta Nayak Sh. A V S S Anand  and Sh.  K C  Mondal faculty members of RGNGWTRI have undergone trainings under the trainers’ development programmes of DoPT at UAoA, Nainital from 01.08.2016 to 12.08.2016.

  • Central Ground Water Board, Central Region, Nagpur organized one day training program on "General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories; ISO/IEC 17025:2005”, on 23rd August 2016 in Regional Chemical Laboratory of the Office. The training was attended by 7 participants from CWC, Nagpur.


  •   High Yielding Aquifers Explored:

 While undertaking Ground Water Exploration in the National Aquifer Mapping  Programme under Ground Water Management and Regulation Scheme, CGWB has explored high yielding aquifers in the  States of Meghalaya , Karnataka, Gujrat, Bihar and Tamilnadu   during  August, 2016.  Salient information of the exploration are as follows:-


  • An Exploratory well was drilled at  Thadrang village, Umsning Block, Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya with high discharge  of  210 liter per minute (lpm) under NAQUIM.


  • Two Exploratory wells were  drilled at  Chikkanahali,  Kenkere village of Tumkur district  in Karnataka, with cumulative discharge of 1481, 330 lpm  with drilling depth 200m, 253m respectively.


  • An exploratory well was drilled at Padusama EW-II, Mansa Taluka, Gandhinagar Dist , Gujarat  with the Discharge of  396 lpm.


  • An exploratory well was drilled at  KendriyaTasar board campus, Dehridih EW site, Kharsawan block in Saraikela, Kharsawan district, Jharkhand  with the discharge of 270 lpm. The total depth of the well is 181 m.


  • An exploratory well of 150m , constructed at  Dhanpuri block Gurur of Balod district, yielded  high discharge of 210 lpm  in fractured Granite formation, with  fractured encountered depth 101-104m.


  • An exploratory well was  drilled at Uppliapuram, Tirchy district  Tamilnadu with the discharge of 403 lpm  in granite gneiss formation. The depth of the well is 200m.


  • NABL Team visit for Accreditation of Regional Chemical Laboratory

NABL accreditation team comprising  2 members  Dr. J.G. Mhalas, Mumbai and Smt. Meenal Satghare, Thane visited the Regional Chemical Laboratory, CGWB, CR, Nagpur on 6th and 7th August 2016. During their visit, they inspected various instruments, documentation and assessed the technical and quality aspects of the laboratory for award of NABL accreditation.

  • Visit of Member(SAM)


  •  Dr. Diapnakar Saha, Member (SAM), CGWB, Faridabad  along with  Sh. Anurag Khanna, Head of Office and Sh. D. Bagchi, AHG, UR, Dehradun  attended meeting at Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun on 13th August, 2016 and held discussions with Dr. Champthi Ray, Head, Geosciences Division, IIRS regarding Gaurikund Thermal Spring, Rudrapayag District, Uttarakhand.

  • Workshops/Seminars

  • Dr. P. N. Rao  Suptdg. Hydrogeologist & Dr. Pandith Madhnure, Scientist-D, SR, Hyderabad participated in multi stakeholders dialogue on understanding the linkage between climate change policy and water security in peri urban context organized by “SaciWATERs” on 17.08.2016 at Hyderabad.

  • Sri K.T.Suresha Sc-D and Sri G.Krishnamurthy Sc-D,SWR, Baglaluru attended one day workshop on Aerogeophysical Surveys over OGP areas at RSAS, Geological Survey of India, Bangalore on 5.8.2016.

  • Sri K.M.Viswanath, Regional Director, SWR, Bangaluru , Inaugurated the Industry Awareness programme on Water Standards organized by Bureau of Indian Standards, Bangalore Branch Office on 29.8.2016 as Chief Guest. Dr K.R. Sooryanarayana Suptd.Hg presented technical paper on”Statutory and Regulatory requirements related to water industry” during the programme.

  • The South  Australian  Delegates visited Jaipur for setting of the  Centre of Excellence on Water Resource Management , during this month. In this regard Dr. Arijit Dey, Suptd. Hg., CGWB,WR, Jaipur   attended the  workshop  on "Water Quality Management, Mapping out roles and responsibilities for Centre of Excellence and  finalizing twelve month action plan" at SMS Convection Center, Jaipur on 12.08.2016.

  • Shri. A. Subburaj, H.O.O, Chennai  inaugurated two days National workshop ‘on Recent Trends on Geoexploration’ on 18.08.2016 as Chief Guest and delivered a key note organised by the Department of Earth Sciences, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu.

  • The Regional Director and other officers WCR, Ahmedabad attended the Inaugural ceremony of the Workshop (हिन्दी कार्यशाला) organized by the राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति of CGWB, WCR, Ahmedabad on 10/08/2016. The officials attended the workshop wherein the importance of using the Rajbhasha Hindi in day to day official correspondence was deliberated in the one day workshop.

  • Senior Scientist from NWR, Chandigarh  attended “State Level Workshop on Collaborative Modelling” during 28-29th july, 2016 organized at Red Bishop, Haryana Tourism, Panchkula.


  • State Ground Water Co-ordination Committee (SGWCC) Meeting

  • The Second Meeting of the State Ground Water Co-ordination Committee (SGWCC) was held under the Chairmanship of Shri Gaurav Singh Rajawat, IAS, District Collector, D&NH and Secretary, Panchayat Raj & Rural Development on 11th August 2016  at Collectorate Office, Silvassa. During the meeting, Dr. P.K. Jain, Head of Office,CR, Nagpur  made a presentation on “NAQUIM – Aquifer Maps and Management Plan for UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. The aquifer maps and management plan of UT of D&NH was approved by SGWCC.


  • Presentation, published papers  and Lecture/talk

  • Senior officers of  CGWB,  attended  Presentation on the report of Re-structuring of CWC and CGWB  at  CSMRS, New Delhi on  24.08.2016.

  • Four Industrial Pollution Cluster Reports pertaining to Asansol Industrial Area, Durgapur Industrial Area, Haldia Industrial Area, Howrah Industrial Area, West Bengal have been published.

  • Shri Sourabh Gupta, Scientist-D and OIC, Pune delivered lecture on “Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Ground Water at National Water Academy, Pune on 24-08-2016.

  • Dr. P.N. Rao  Suptdg. Hydrogeologist, SR, Hyderabad  delivered a guest lecture on “Ground Water perspective and Management” on 22.08.2016 in Department  of civil Engineering, Nalla Narasimha Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad.

  • Scientist of SWR, Bengaluru presented four papers in the International Conference on Sustainable Water, Waste Water and Energy Management(SWWEM-2016) organized by Civil Engineering Department, UVCE, Bangalore University on 17.8.2016 & 18.8.2016 at IISC, Bangalore.  

  • Regional Director shri C.Paul Prabhakar,  delivered a presentation on “Status of ground water resources, ground water recharge and quality issues in Chhattisgarh during the meeting of SWG5 for surface and ground water governance and policy under Chhattisgarh state planning held on 12th august 2016 in Matralaya Raipur.

  • Regional Director , Kerala Region attended the International Conference & Exhibition on “Best practices in Sustainable Water: Waste Water & Energy Management –SWWEM-2016”, from 17/08/2016 to 19/08/2016, at IISc Bangalore-560012, Karnataka and presented a paper on ‘Characterisation of Ground water quality and its suitability for drinking in Pamba River Basin, Kerala.

  • Sh. Sunil Kumar, Regional Director and Senior Scientist delivered lectures in training programme on “Recent Advancement in Groundwater Development and Management” organized by NIT, Raipur during  08-12, 2016.


  • Meeting on  Jal  Kranthi  Abhiyan/Jalgram

  • A meeting was held with the Dr. Purshottam Bhapkar, IAS, Secretary of Water Conservation Department (WCD), Mumbai on 9-8-2016 to appraise about the various activities of Jal Kranti Abhiyan. During the meeting, Dr. Jain, H.O.O.,CR, Nagpur, highlighted the various activities taken up under Jal Kranti Abhiyan during 2015-16 in Maharashtra. He also handed over a district-wise list of Jal grams already selected with the coordination of Water Conservation Department and also requested the Secretary about the selection of 9 remaining Jal Grams. Dr. Purshottam Bhapkar, IAS, Secretary, WCD, Mumbai after reviewing the various activities assured that the needful action would be taken.

  • Regional Director, Kerala Region attended District level meeting of Jal Kranthi Abhiyan in Ernakulam District on 22.8.2016. for the  discussion on water Security Plan.

  • Regional Director, Keral Region attended meetings with District Collectors of Kannur & Kasargod districts and appraised the activities of Jal kranthi Abhiyan on 19.8.2016. He discussed the formality of seeking consent for selected Jal Gram from concerned Member of Parliament and participated VLIC at Mangalam Jal Gram in Malappuram district.

  • Senior Scientist from Eastern Region,Kolkata  attended a meeting  at CGWA, R.K.Puram, New Delhi on 11.08.2016 and briefed the progress of  Jalgram  in West Bengal and Andaman.

  • Senior Scientist from NER, Guwahati  attended one day programme on the "Preparation of Water Security Plan  under JKA " held on 10.08.2016 at CGWA office R. K. Puram, New Delhi.

  • Senior Scientist from NWR, Chandigarh   attended meeting for the “Preparation of Water Security Plans of Two Selected Jal Grams in each district for the State of Punjab” on 10th Aug. 2016 at CGWB, R. K. Puram, New Delhi.


  • Meeting on  Ground Water Resource Estimation committee


  • The Second Meeting of the State Level Committee (SLC) for Ground Water Resource Estimation in D& N Haveli  as on March 2013 was held under the Chairmanship of Shri Gaurav Singh Rajawat, IAS, District Collector, D&NH and Secretary, Panchayat Raj & Rural Development on 11th August 2016  at Silvassa. During the meeting, Shri Rahul R. Shende, CR, Nagpur  made a presentation on “Ground Water Resource Assessment of UT of D&NH - 2013”. Dr. P.K. Jain, Head of Office, CGWB, Nagpur and Member Secretary, SLC said that many industries exist in UT however, data on industrial draft is not available. Thus exact consumption of water, its source, is precisely required for future assessments.The Ground Water Resource Assessment of UT of D&NH was approved by SLC for inclusion in the National Report to be issued by Govt. of India.

  • The Regional Director, WCR, Ahmedabad along with Senior Scientist attended the meeting of the UT level committee on Dynamic Ground water Resource Assessment of UT of Daman & Diu held on 18/08/2016 at, UT of Daman. The meeting was chaired by Shri Sanjay Kumar, Chief Engineer, PWD, Daman. Presentation was made on the “Dynamic Ground Water Resources of UT of Daman & Diu as on March 2013”.

  • Other Important Meetings


    • Er.K.R.Biswas, Regional Director and Senior Scientist, ER, Kolkata  attended Special Core Committee Meeting on 18.08.2016 at   Kolkata. Prof. K J Nath, Chairman, Core Committee on Water Quality & Arsenic Task Force, related to preparation of “Action Plan for monitoring and adaption of preventive measures to address the issues of Arsenic contamination of soil and in the food chain”. In the context of the concern expressed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India, on the above issues and as advised by the Director, WSSO, the Special meeting of the Core Committee on WQS&S, under Joint Plan of Action, Phase-IV, was convened by Chairman, Core Committee on Water Quality & Arsenic Task Force.

    • Senior Scientist from NWR, Chandigarh   has attended meeting of Programme Management & Monitoring Group regarding Implementation of Remediation plan for Ground Water Quality of Taonsa, Tehsil Balachour, district Nawanshahr, Punjab on 28th July, 2016 held under the Chairmanship of Chairman PPCB.

    • Dr. S. K. Jain, Regional Director  NWR, Chandigarh along with Senior Scientist attended meeting on “Interpretation methodology of Isotope data generated in the Paleochannel study in Punjab” on 29th July, 2016  held at BARC, Mumbai.

    • Dr. S. K. Jain, Regional Director, NWR, Chandigarh   attended 39th Meeting of Central Ground Water Authority held on 4th August 2016 at CGWB, Jamnagar House, New Delhi.

    • Dr. S. K. jain, Regional Director and Senior Scientist NWR, Chandigarh  hold a meeting regarding discussion on reduction in the excessive Ground Water withdrawal in Agricultural sector at Hisar Agriculture University (HAU), on 20th August, 2016.

    • Senior Scientist  from NWR, Chandigarh  attended meeting of District Advisory Committee on 23rd August 2016 held under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Sangrur.

    • Sri K.M.Viswanath, Regional Director and  Senior Scientist SWR, Banglor had meeting  on 25.8.2016 with Chief Engineer, MI (South), Department of Minor Irrigation regarding project on Filling of MI tanks using treated at water.

    • Sh. Parvinder Singh, Regional Director, and Senior Scientist  NCR Bhopal attended meeting of the State Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) for the approval of Revised Demonstrative Projects on Artificial Recharge to Groundwater under the Central Sector Scheme of CGWB on Groundwater Management & Regulation on 03.08.2016, chaired by Agriculture Production Commissioner, Govt. of MP at Vallabh Bhavan, Bhopal.

    • Senior Scientist  NCR Bhopal attended Financial & technical Sanction Committee meeting of Water Resources Department on 12.08.2016 at Vallabh Bhawan, Bhopal. In the meeting matter related to finance & Technical of approval of RAA, and Minor Projects etc were discussed.

    • Sh. Parvinder Singh, Regional Director & Senior Scientist  NCR Bhopal held meeting with Prof. P. K. Verma, DG-MAPCOST on 26.08.2016 regarding shifting of River Kshipra.

    • Senior Scientist  from NCR Bhopal attended meeting on 29.08.2016 regarding Ground Water Conservation & preparation of DPR for artificial recharge at Enginerring In Chief office, Bhopal.

    • Senior Scientist  from CGWB  attended the "Nation Ground Water Management Improvement Plan" Meeting  Under the Chairmanship of Principal secretary PHED and GWD at his chamber ,State Secretariat, Jaipur on 19.08.2016. In the meeting Project Execution Unit, State Level Empowerered Group and District Level Implementation Unit has been formed.

    • Sh. AnuragKhanna, Head of Office &  Senior Scientist   UR, Dehradun  held meeting with Dr. AnkurKansal, Regional Officer, Uttarakhand State Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board, Roorkee, Haridwar District, Uttarakhand on 29th August, 2016 regarding the Illegal Extraction of Groundwater by the M/s. Havels Pvt. Ltd., IIE, SIDCUL, Haridwar.

    • Senior Scientist from   CGWA, Delhi  attended presentation of DPR of Western Main canal and Ara Main canal and its systems (CWC), and Meeting regarding Indian Water Week 2017  at CWC, R.K.Puram, New Delhi on 12.08.2016.

    • Senior Scientist  from SECR, Chennai participated in the 90th meeting of Tamil Nadu State Coastal Zone Management Authority on 03.08.2016 in the Chambers of Principal Secretary to Government, Environment & Forest Department, Secretariat, Chennai.

    •  Regional Director , Kerala Region attended 53rd meeting of the State Geological Programming Board (SGPB) at Govt. Guest House, Trivandrum on 5.08.2016 and  presented the Activities of the AAP 2016-17 and Achievements of AAP 2015-16 of the Region.

    • 7th project Review Committee meeting of lalitpur & Jhansi district and 3rd Project Review Committee meeting of Balia & Gazipur district were held on 23.08.2016 at Faridabad under the Chairmanship of Dr. D Saha Member(SAM) to review the progress.