email ids of cgwb offices/ sections

Email IDs of Regions/Unit Offices/Divisions

CHQ, Faridabad / New Delhi


User Id

Email Address

General cgwb
Chairman chmn-cgwb
Member (ED&MM) medmm-cgwb
Member (SAM) msam-cgwb
Member (SML) msml-cgwb
Regional Director, CGWA rdcgwa-cgwb
Regional Director, Hydrology Project rdhp-cgwb
Director Administration, CHQ Faridabad diradm-cgwb
FAO, CHQ Faridabad fao-cgwb
TS to Chairman tschmn-cgwb
TS to Member (ED&MM) tsmedmm-cgwb
TS to Member SAM tsmsam-cgwb
TS to Member SML tsmsml-cgwb
PS to Chairman pschmn-cgwb
PS to Member (ED&MM) psmedmm-cgwb
PS to Member SML psmsml-cgwb
PS to Member SAM psmsam-cgwb
PS to Director(Administration) psda-cgwb
PS to FAO ,CHQ Faridabad psfao-cgwb
Superintending Geophysicist suptdgp-cgwb
Superintending Chemist suptdchemist-cgwb
Superintending Hydrologist suptdhydrologist-cgwb
Superintending Engineer,CHQ Faridabad sehq-cgwb
OIC, NDC, Faridabad oicndcfbd-cgwb
Ground Water Monitoring, CHQ Faridabad gwmndc-cgwb
Parliament Cell parl-cgwb
Artificial Recharge Cell ar-cgwb
Ground Water Resource Assessment Cell res-cgwb
Natuional Center of Excelelnce for Modeling & Remote Sensing ncemr-cgwb
Programmer, NDC, CHQ Faridabad pgmmrndc-cgwb
Systems Analyst, NDC, CHQ Faridabad sandc-cgwb
GIS Cell, NDC, CHQ Faridabad gisndc-cgwb
ISRS Cell, CHQ Faridabad isrs-cgwb
WQEM Cell, CHQ Faridabad wqem-cgwb
PTC Cell, CHQ Faridabad ptc-cgwb
GWDM Cell, CHQ Faridabad gwdm-cgwb
Hydrology Project hp-cgwb
Materials Management Cell, CHQ Faridabad mm-cgwb
Senior Administrative Officer, CHQ Faridabad srao-cgwb
CPIO, Faridabad cpiofbd-cgwb
DDO, Faridabad ddofbd-cgwb


PAO, Faridabad


PAO, CHQ Faridabad pao-cgwb
AOPAO, CHQ Faridabad aopao-cgwb

Regional Offices



Regional Director, WCR, Ahmedabad rdwcr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, WCR, Ahmedabad tswcr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, WCR, Ahmedabad rodcwcr-cgwb
DDO, WCR, Ahmedabad ddowcr-cgwb


Regional Director, SWR, Bangalore rdswr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, SWR, Bangalore tsswr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, SWR, Bangalore rodcswr-cgwb
DDO, SR, Hyderabad ddosr-cgwb
DDO, SWR, Bangalore ddoswr-cgwb
Superintending Engineer, Bangalore sebangalore-cgwb


Regional Director, NCR, Bhopal rdncr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, NCR, Bhopal tsncr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, NCR, Bhopal rodcncr-cgwb
DDO, NCR, Bhopal ddoncr-cgwb


Regional Director, SER, Bhubaneshwar rdser-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, SER, Bhubaneshwar tsser-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, SER, Bhubaneshwar rodcser-cgwb
DDO, SER, Bhubaneshwar ddoser-cgwb


Regional Director, NWR, Chandigarh rdnwr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, NWR, Chandigarh tsnwr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, NWR, Chandigarh rodcnwr-cgwb
DDO, NWR, Chandigarh ddonwr-cgwb


Regional Director, SECR, Chennai rdsecr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, SECR, Chennai tssecr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, SECR, Chennai rodcsecr-cgwb
DDO, SECR, Chennai ddosecr-cgwb


Regional Director, UR, Dehradun rdur-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, UR, Dehradun tsur-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, UR, Dehradun rodcur-cgwb
DDO, UR, Dehradun ddour-cgwb


Regional Director, NHR, Dharamshala rdnhr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, NHR, Dharamshala tsnhr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, NHR, Dharamshala rodcnhr-cgwb
DDO, NHR, Dharamshala ddonhr-cgwb


Regional Director, NER, Guwahati rdner-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, NER, Guwahati tsner-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, NER, Guwahati rodcner-cgwb
DDO, NER, Guwahati ddoner-cgwb


Regional Director, SR, Hyderabad rdsr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, SR, Hyderabad tssr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, SR, Hyderabad rodcsr-cgwb


Regional Director, WR, Jaipur rdwr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, WR, Jaipur tswr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, WR, Jaipur rodcwr-cgwb
DDO, WR, Jaipur ddowr-cgwb


Regional Director, NWHR, Jammu rdnwhr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, NWHR, Jammu tsnwhr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, NWHR, Jammu rodcnwhr-cgwb
DDO, NWHR, Jammu ddonwhr-cgwb


Regional Director, ER, Kolkata rder-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, ER, Kolkata tser-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, ER, Kolkata rodcer-cgwb
DDO, ER, Kolkata ddoer-cgwb


Regional Director, NR, Lucknow rdnr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, NR, Lucknow tsnr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, NR, Lucknow rodcnr-cgwb
DDO, NR, Lucknow ddonr-cgwb


Regional Director, CR, Nagpur rdcr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, CR, Nagpur tscr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, CR, Nagpur rodccr-cgwb
DDO, CR, Nagpur ddocr-cgwb
Superintending Engineer, Nagpur senagpur-cgwb


Regional Director, MER, Patna rdmer-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, MER, Patna tsmer-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, MER, Patna rodcmer-cgwb
DDO, MER, Patna ddomer-cgwb


Regional Director, NCCR, Raipur rdnccr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, NCCR, Raipur tsnccr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, NCCR, Raipur rodcnccr-cgwb
DDO, NCCR, Raipur ddonccr-cgwb


Regional Director, KR, Trivendrum rdkr-cgwb
TS to Regional Director, KR, Trivendrum tskr-cgwb
Regional Office Data Centre, KR, Trivendrum rodckr-cgwb
DDO, KR, Trivendrum ddokr-cgwb

State Unit Offices

OIC, New Delhi oicnd-cgwb
OIC, Vishakhapatnam oicvishak-cgwb
OIC, Itanagar oic-itanagar-cgwb
OIC, Shillong oicshillong-cgwb
OIC, Agartala oicagartala-cgwb
OIC, Pune oicpune-cgwb
OIC, Belgaon oicbelgaon-cgwb
OIC, Allahabad oicallahabad-cgwb
OIC, Ranchi oicranchi-cgwb
OIC, Jodhpur oicjodhpur-cgwb

Drilling Division, CGWB

Executive Engineer, Division I, Ahmedabad eediv1-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division II, Ambala eediv2-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division III, Varanasi eediv3-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division IV, Chennai eediv4-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division V, Ranchi eediv5-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division VI, Nagpur eediv6-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division VII, Guwahati eediv7-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division VIII, Jammu eediv8-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division IX, Hyderabad eediv9-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division X, Bhubaneshwar eediv10-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division XI, Jodhpur eediv11-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division XII, Bhopal eediv12-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division XIII, Raipur eediv13-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division XIV, Bangalore eediv14-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division XV, Kolkata eediv15-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division XVI, Bareilly eediv16-cgwb
Executive Engineer, Division XVII, Dharamshala eediv17-cgwb