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Ground water being a replenishable resource, its proper and economic development on a sustainable basis requires its realistic assessment.  The National Water Policy too enunciates periodic assessment of ground water resources of India on a scientific basis.  The estimation of the ground water resources of the country gained more importance and to create a national awareness on this issue, the Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India issued directives to CGWB and State agencies to furnish the relevant information to the Planning Commission.  The states were asked to form a working group for estimating the resources vide letter no. 18-36/83-GW dated 10.05.1985 from the Additional Secretary, Ministry of Water resources, Govt. of India.  Necessary guidelines were also issued during 1984 and the revised guideline was issued during 1997.  Based on the 1984 methodology the ground water resources were computed during 1989 and 1992 by the Group constituted by Govt. of Kerala earlier.  The same Group with the Secretary (Irrigation).  Govt. of Kerala as the Chairman and the Regional Director, CGWB as Convenor reassessed the ground water resources of the State based on the 1997 methodology. The constitution of the group is given in Table 1.1. 

Table-1.1        Constitution of the working group

Secretary, Irrigation
Govt. of Kerala
Regional Director, Central Ground Water Board,
Govt. of India   Kerala Region, Trivandrum
Director, Ground Water Dept.
Govt. of Kerala, Trivandrum                                  
General Manager                   
NABARD, Trivandrum
The Director of Agriculture  
Govt. of Kerala, Trivandrum
The Managing Director
Kerala Water Authority, Trivandrum
The Director, Dept. of Industries,
Govt. of Kerala,
The Director of Research
Agricultural University, Trichur
Chief Engineer, Irrigation, Trivandrum Member
Superintending Hydrogeologist,   
CGWB ,Govt. of India
Special Invitee
Superintending Hydrogeologist
Govt. of Kerala,    GWD, Trivandrum
Special Invitee

       The group had its first meeting on 25/7/98 in the chamber of the Irrigation Secretary.  The salient features of 1997 methodology were briefly explained to all the members and decided to compute the ground water resources based on 1997 methodology.  All the concerned departments were requested to provide the required data to the Convenor to complete the work.        

       "The Ground Water Estimation Methodology -1997", is the outcome of the recommendation of a high power committee, which sets the basis for the methodology to be followed by all States/Union Territory for ground water estimation.           

       The data required for the computation were supplied by member agencies and the details of these are discussed in the ensuing chapters on Methodology.  The report has been prepared under the overall guidance of Dr. A.N. Bhowmick, Member (T&TT).  The data collection and the computation of various figures and the preparation of this report has been done under the guidance of Shri M.B. Raju, Regional Director, CGWB, KR.  The computation of the figures and the preparation of the report were done by S/Shri. N. Varadaraj, Scientist 'D', D.S. Thambi, Scientist 'D', V. Kunhambu, Scientist 'C', A. Subburaj, Scientist 'C', V. Dhinagaran, Scientist 'C', M. Nagarajan, Scientist 'C', G.S. Menon, Scientist 'C', Smt. T.S. Anitha Shyam,  Scientist 'B', S.S. Hegde, Scientist 'B', Shaji .E, Scientist 'B', Anadi Gayen, Scientist 'B', Miss D. Dhayamalar, Scientist 'B', N. Vinayachandran, Scientist 'B', K. Balakrishnan, Asst. Hydrogeologist, S.P. Nayagam, Asst. Hydrogeologist and V. Elanchelian, Asst.Hydrogeologist of Central Ground Water Board, Kerala Region, Trivandrum and Shri A.Gopa Kumar and Smt. Lali, Jr. Hydrogeologists of State Ground Water Department, Trivandrum.  Further, during the month of July 2001, the computation was refined as per the guidance of Dr. S.K. Sharma, Member (SAM).

      The final Working Group meeting held on 16/11/2001 chaired by Irrigation Secretary to finalise the ground water estimation of the State has approved the draft report submitted by the convener.  The minutes of the meeting is enclosed.

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