Ground Water Modeling

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Groundwater modelling is a powerful management tool which can serve multiple purposes such as providing a framework for organizing hydrologic data, quantifying the properties and behavior of the systems and allowing quantitative prediction of the responses of those systems to externally applied stresses. No other numerical groundwater management tool is as effective as a 3-dimensional groundwater model. A groundwater flow model is intended to calculate the bulk, or average, rate and direction of movement of groundwater through aquifers and confining units in the subsurface. These calculations are referred to as simulations. Numerical groundwater models are based on numerical approximation of both space and time. Basically there are two types of models, they are:

  1. Prediction models, which simulate the behavior of the groundwater system and its response to stress and
  2. Resource management models, which integrate hydrologic prediction with explicit management decision procedure.

Prediction models are the most used groundwater models till date. These prediction models are divided into two major categories they are flow and contaminant transport models.

Center of Excellence (CoE) for Groundwater Modeling has been set up under NHP at NDC, CGWB, Faridabad to coordinate the modelling activities with the existing manpower. Major role of CoE is to coordinate the activities related to Ground Water Modelling and organize regular presentations for sharing of knowledge through Ground Water Modeling Talk Series. The modelling work in CGWB would be facilitated by Center of Excellence at Bhujal Bhawan, Faridabad through four regional hubs which would further coordinate with the regions falling under their zone as given below:

Regional Hub




NR, Lucknow

NWR,      Chandigarh/   NWHR,     Jammu/    NHR, Dharamshala/ UR, Dehradun/ SUO, Delhi


SECR, Chennai

SR, Hyderabad/ SWR, Bangalore/ KR, Trivandrum


SER, Bhubaneswar

ER, Kolkata/ MER, Patna/ NER, Guwahati


WCR, Ahmedabad

WR, Jaipur/ NCR, Bhopal/ NCCR, Raipur/ CR, Nagpur

The officers identified have been grouped as mentors and associates. Three officers posted at the Center would assist in the establishment of CoE and will further coordinate with the regional offices to monitor the modelling works as assigned. The officers who are involved in the ground water modelling work and/or have been trained on ground water modelling at IHE, Delft have also been identified for association with CoE.  The modeling frame work document prepared by the CoE can be accessed from the link below:

Ground Water Modeling Frame Work Document

Various reports on Ground Water Modeling studies carried out by CGWB is  in the below given link:

Modeling Reports

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