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Ground Water is a Precious National Resource - Preserve it, Protect it and Don't Pollute it.

State Profile 

Ground Water Scenario of Delhi (NCT)

Area (



  • Masudpur-Wazirabad Ridge
  • Older Alluvial Plain
  • Yamuna Flood Plain


The State is drained by river Yamuna

Rainfall (mm)

Average Annual rainfall: 611.8 mm

Total Districts

9 Districts


 The Ground water availability in the territory is controlled by the hydrogeological situation characterized by occurrence of alluvial formation and hard rocks such as quartzite. The hydrogeological set up and the following distinct physiographic units further influence the ground water occurrence: (1) Older Alluvial Plain on the eastern and western side of the ridge. (2) Yamuna Flood Plain deposits. (3) Isolated and nearly closed Chattarpur alluvial basin. (4) NNE-SSW trending Quartzite Ridge. The yield of tube wells ranges between 18-144 m3/hr in Yamuna Flood Plain aquifers. In Older Alluvium of eastern and western sides of the ridge, the yield of tube wells ranges between 12 to 36 m3/ hr. Tube wells constructed in Chattarpur alluvial  basin tapping the aquifers of both alluvium and weathered  and fractured quartzite yield about 9 to 27 m3 / hr.  Discharge of tube wells constructed in Quartzites varies from 6-15 m3 / hr.

Dynamic Ground Water Resources (2011)

Annual Replenishable Ground water Resource

0.31 BCM

Net Annual Ground Water Availability

0.29 BCM

Annual Ground Water Draft

0.39 BCM

Stage of Ground Water Development

137 %

Ground Water Development & Management

Over Exploited




Semi- critical


Artificial Recharge to Ground Water (AR)



  • Area identified for AR: 699.86 sq. km.
  • Volume of water to be harnessed: 24.39 MCM
  • Volume of water to be harnessed through RTRWH:14.69  MCM
  • Feasible AR structures:
    1. Recharge Shaft- 17850
    2. Check dams- 8
    3. RTRWH (H)- 118750
    4. RTRWH (G & I) - 6250

 Ground Water Quality Problems


Districts affected (in part)

Fluoride (>1.5 mg/l)

North West Delhi, South West Delhi and  West Delhi

Nitrate  (>45 mg/l)

East Delhi, New Delhi, North West Delhi, South West Delhi, West Delhi

Lead (above 0.01 mg/l)

West Delhi, North Delhi, South Delhi, South West Delhi, North West Delhi

Cadmium (above 0.003 mg/l)

West Delhi

Chromium (above 0.05 mg/l)

West Delhi, North Delhi, North East Delhi, East Delhi, South West Delhi, North West Delhi

Central Ground Water Authority

Areas Notified for Regulation of ground water development

South West District
South District
Yamuna Flood Plain area