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Ground Water is a Precious National Resource - Preserve it, Protect it and Don't Pollute it.

State Profile
 Ground Water Scenario of Nagaland

Area (


Rainfall (mm)

1715( Average annual)

Total Districts / Blocks

11 Districts


Physiographically, the State consists of narrow strip of hills running from east to south west and facing the Assam plains to its north and north east. The deep aquifers are thinly bedded down to 300 m. The water table rests within 4 mbgl except in some pockets towards Naga-Patkai hills where it goes upto 12 m bgl. The yield of tubewells on the bank of Dhansiri and Diphu rivers is around 2 m3/hr. The low yield is because of finer nature of aquifer materials. Besides the foothill zones, some intermontane valleys have also been observed like at Tijit, Tiru, Longnoth and Baghty valleys. Yield of the wells in these areas vary from 16 to 62 m3/hr. The thickness of saturated zone is 30 to 70m with in 300 m depth one an average, the wells of 250 m depth can yield between 20-30m3/hr. The quality of ground water is generally good.

Dynamic Ground Water Resources (2011)

Annual Replenishable Ground water Resource

0.62 BCM

Net Annual Ground Water Availability

0.55 BCM

Annual Ground Water Draft

0.03 BCM

Stage of Ground Water Development

6.13 %

Ground Water Development & Management

Over Exploited




Semi- critical


Artificial Recharge to Ground Water (AR)

  • Feasible AR structures
    1. Check dam-500
    2. Weirs-1000
    3. Gabian structure-1000
    4. RTRWH-300
    5. Development of springs-200

 Ground Water Quality Problems


Districts affected (in part)

Iron (>1.0 mg/l)            

Dimapur, Zuwheboto, Mokokchung

Central Ground Water Authority

Areas Notified for Regulation of ground water development