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Ground Water is a Precious National Resource - Preserve it, Protect it and Don't Pollute it.

State Profile 
Ground Water Scenario of Tripura

Area (


Rainfall (mm)

2228( average annual)

Total Districts / Blocks

8 Districts


The semi-consolidated Tertiary formations form the main hydrogeological unit of the State. These formations consist of friable sand stones, clayey sand stone, sandy shales and shales. The semi-consolidated formations can be further subdivided into three principal zones. The first one is confined to central part of Agartala-Udaipur, Khowai-Amarpur, Ambasa, Kailasker, Kumarghat and Dharam Nagar syncline valley; where the yield prospects are good. Fine to medium grained sand stones form the principal aquifer. West of Tripura, artesian belt has been delineated and the yield of such wells are found to be in the order of 0.1 to 6 m3/hr. High autoflow discharge of 54 m3/hr is observed in Khowai valley. The second one is confined to unconfined aquifers of moderate regional extent with yield prospect of 50-100 m3/hr. This zone extends bordering the hill ranges i.e. the marginal part of Agartala-Udaipur, Khowai-Amarpur, Kamapur-Ambasa, Kailaskar-Kumarbagh and Dharam Nagar valleys. Artesian conditions are rare in these zones. The third zone, comprising moderately thick discontinuous aquifers with yield prospects less than 50m3/hr, is located in the intermontane and smaller valleys. These areas are mostly occupied by argillaceous formations belonging to Surma series.

Dynamic Ground Water Resources (2011)

Annual Replenishable Ground water Resource

2.587 BCM

Net Annual Ground Water Availability

2.358 BCM

Annual Ground Water Draft

0.163 BCM

Stage of Ground Water Development

7 %

Ground Water Development & Management

Over Exploited




Semi- critical


Artificial Recharge to Ground Water (AR)

  • Feasible AR structures
    1. Check dam-300
    2. Weirs-500
    3. Gabian structure-1000
    4. RTRWH-240
    5. Development of springs-100

 Ground Water Quality Problems


Districts affected (in part)

Iron (>1.0 mg/l)

Dhalai, North Tripura, South Tripura, West Tripura.

Central Ground Water Authority

Areas Notified for Regulation of ground water development