Highlights for the month of August 2017



  • Training Programme conducted under National Ground  Water Training & Research Institute(NGWTRI):

The following Training courses have been conducted by various field offices of CGWB under the aegis of NGWTRI Raipur during August,2017:-


Name of Training Course

No. of Participants





Training on Application of Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System in Ground Water Studies  conducted during  31.07.2017 to 04.08.2017 at NGWTRI, Raipur .

19 Participants


Training on Environmental Clearance for Ground Water Abstraction  during 31.07.2017 to 02.08.2017 at NGWTRI, Raipur .

10 Participants


Training on Lab Practices and NABL Certification   during 07.08.2017 to 11.08.2017 at NGWTRI, Raipur .

16 Participants


 Training on Water Well Construction: Technology & Management  during 14.08.2017 to 25.08.2017 at
NGWTRI, Raipur .

19 Participants


 Training on Geogenic Contamination of Ground Water with Special Reference to Arsenic and Fluoride  during 21.08.2017 to 24.08.2017 at  NGWTRI, Raipur .

16 Participants


Training on Ground Water Regime Monitoring  during 29.08.2017 to 31.08.2017 at NGWTRI , Raipur.

9 Participants


Training  on Administration and Establishment Rules  during 03.07.2017 to 07.07.2017 at 
ISTM, New Delhi


25 Participants


Training  on Administration and Establishment Rules  during 21.08.2017 to 25.08.2017 at 
ISTM, New Delhi.

18 Participants


Tier-II training



Tier-II training Programme conducted during 22.08.2017 to 28.08.2017 at  Jaipur, Rajasthan

27 participants


Tier-III training



Tier-III training Programme conducted during 2.08.2017 to 03.08.2017 at  Medak Telangana.

140 Participants


Tier-III training Programme conducted during 2.08.2017 to 03.08.2017 at  Jaipur, Rajasthan.

88 Participants


Tier-III training Programme conducted during 8.08.2017 to 09.08.2017 at  Chikmangaluru, Karnataka.

125 Participants

  •   High Yielding Wells:

State wise details of High yielding Wells are as follow:

Jammu Kashmir:
An exploratory well was  drilled at Gulpur site, Jammu Kashmir with discharge of 960 lpm( Litre per Minutes).


 West Bengal:
An exploratory well was  drilled at Chandaneswar area of Bhangar I Block of S 24 Parganas district with discharge of 1200 lpm..

Chhatish Garh:

An exploratory well was  drilled at Khamhar, Kharsiya Block, Raigarh District, Chhatish Garh with discharge of 420 lpm.

Madhya Pradesh :
An exploratory well  was  drilled at Tikaria In Madhya Pradesh with discharge of 204 lpm.

An exploratory well was  drilled at Jodi Krishnapura, Hassan taluk of Hassan district,Karnataka with discharge of 450 lpm       

  • Visit of Hon’ble Minister/Secreatary/Chairman/Members

  •  Dr. Amarjit Singh (IAS), Secretary, WR & GR visited  Tezpur  on 19.08.2017  for  attending 3rd Executive Council meeting of NERIWALM .

  • Shri K.C.Naik, Member(SML), Dr. S.K.Jain, Regional Director along with officers/officials of NWR, Chandigarh attended to ‘Study visit of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on water Resources’ to Chandigarh from 20.08.2017 to 22.08.2017. In the meeting committee interacted with the Chief Secretary and Various Principal Secretary of Haryana State and Financial Commissioner Development and various Principal Secretary & Engineers of Punjab State regarding depletion and contamination of ground water faced in the State of Haryana and Punjab.

  • Shri K.C.Nayak, Member (SML), CGWB, New Delhi has  visited CGWB, NWR Chandigarh on 25.08.2017 to review the progress of outsourcing activities for construction of EWs in Haryana and also the progress review of in-house activities, in context to the Video Conferencing proposed to be taken by the Joint Secretary (A&GW), MoWR, RD & GR.

  • Shri G C Pati, Member (TT & WQ), Central Ground Water Board, CHQ, Faridabad visited WCR, Ahmedabad during 21st and 22nd August 2017 to discuss the matter regarding clearance of backlog cases of CGWA and matter regarding construction of wells in NAQUIM area through outsourcing

  • Sh. G. C. Patti, Member (WQ&TT) visited Western Region, Jaipur on 31st July, 2017. He visited the outsourcing sites at Jodhpur along with Dr. Arijit Dey, RD(C/c),  and Senior officers on 31st July and 1st August, 2017.

  • In pursuance to VIP Reference of Hon’ble MLA from Fatehpur Sikri Vidhan Sabha (Agra District), a central team comprising officials from CGWB and CWC, headed by Chief Engineer, CWC (UYB) was constituted to study feasibility for water conservation measures in the area. The team visited Agra and held discussions with the Hon’ble MLA. Sri Y B Kaushik, Regional Director, CGWB, NR along with Dr. Vikas Ranjan, Scientist C represented from  CGWB. The team undertook tour of the area along with Hon’ble MLA and interacted with local villagers and noted their suggestions for improving water availability scenario in the area.

  •  Dr. Dipankar Saha, Member (SAM), CGWB  visited  Kolkatta  for finalization of Ground Water Network Monitoring under NHP on 03.08.2017 and 04.08.2017. The meeting was attended by Regional Director of ER, MER, SER and NER. Representative from state government Bihar, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Orissa, West Bengal were also present.

  • Parliamentary Standing Committee on Water Resources visited Polavaram and Thotapalli Irrigation Projects , being constructed in Andhra Pradesh State from 18th to 20th August, 2017 and discussed the progress of work with Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Sr. Officers of the State. Member (RGI), Regional Director, CGWB, accompanied by Dr P N Rao, Supt. Hydrogeologist accompanied the Committee to Polavaram and participated in discussions at Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.

  • Workshops/Seminars/ Lecture/talk

      • Senior officers from CGWB, NWR, Chandigarh  have attended two days workshop on ‘Saraswati Paleochannels’ organized by the Regional Remote Sensing Centre (West) of ISRO Jodhpur, Rajasthan during 29th-30th August 2017. 

      • Shri Roopesh G. Krishnan, Scientist ‘B’ CGWB, NWR, Chandigarh has delivered lecture on ‘Hydrogeological concepts and aquifer information system’ during Training Programme in Watershed Management organized by State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Govt. of Punjab on 08.08.2017. 

      • Shri Rakesh Rana, Scientist ‘D’ CGWB, NWR, Chandigarh has delivered lecture on ‘Aquifer Mapping and Management Plan of Punjab’ during Training Programme in Watershed Management organized by State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Govt. of Punjab on 08.08.2017. 

      • Sourabh Gupta, Scientist D &HOO, CGWB, Pune has delivered a lecture  on Ground Water Management in the context of Maharashtra on  01.08.2017 in the Training-cum-Workshop on Water Resources for NGOs and Media Personnel’s  organized by National Water Academy at NWA, Pune during 31st July-01 August 2017.

      • Central Ground Water Board, SECR participated in the exhibition organized by Vyasa Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher secondary School, Puzhuthivakkam, Chennai-91 during 14.08.17 to 16.08.17.  The rainwater harvesting models made by the Central Ground water Board was demonstrated by officer/officials of CGWB during the exhibition. 

      • Training of State Technical Resource team from Bihar and West Bengal states under Mission Water Conservation of MGNREGA was organised by Dr. Supriya Brahma, Sc-D and Mrs Madhumanti Roy, Sc-B,CGWB,ER, Kolkata at SIRD, Kalyani on 01.08.2017 & 02.08.2017.The training covered the topics like concept of water shed, Basic hydrogeology, Run off and ground water resource estimation, RWH through conservation &artificial recharge(AR) by construction of suitable structure on the basis of rainfall, slope & hydrogeology and impact of AR.

      •  “Ground Water Utilisation for Irrigation” for Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya organized jointly by NERIWALM, Tezpur & CGWB, NER at Shillong , Meghalaya on 11th August 20017.

  • Senior officers from CGWB, SWR, Bangalore  participated as a resource person in the National level Workshop on “Tropical Transcends in Civil Engineering” From 31st July to 5th August, 2017 organized by Civil Engineering Department, SVIT, Bangalore.

  • Senior officers from CGWB, SWR, Bangalore  participated as facilitator and imparted training to STRT under SAKSHAM training Programme organized at SIRD, Mysore from 7th August to 11th August, 2017.


  • MoU Between CGWB and IIT Kanpur

  • An MoA was signed between CGWB and IIT Kanpur  for Ground Water Modelling and Preparation of management plans for parts of Punjab, Haryana and Bundelkhand Region( U.P & M.P)  on  16.08.2017 at IIT Kanpur. The MoA was signed by Prof. S. Ganesh, Dean (Research & Development) and Dr D.Saha, Member(SAM) on behalf of  IIT Kanpur & CGWB respectively. Prof. Rajiv Sinha, Department of Earth Sciences, IIT, Kanpur & Shri Sanjay Marwaha, RD, PMU, CGWB  were also present.

  • NISC Meeting

  • 6th meeting of NISC was held on 29th Aug’17 at Shram Shakti Bhavan, New Delhi,  chaired by Secretary (MoWR, RD & GR).  JS (A & GW), JS (PP), and all members of CGWB were present in the meeting. The Secretaries from various states and senior officers from other Central departments like CWC, RD of different Regions were present. During the meeting Dr. D. Saha, Member (SAM), CGWB has presented activities and achievement of National Aquifer Mapping Programme till March 2017. In another Presentation, he has shown the efficacy of GRACE Data in Groundwater recharge under MGNREGA in India. Prof. Shekhar Muddu , IISc, Banglore presented the Evaluation of Scheme of Ground water Management and Regulation.The Secretary (MoWR) has reviewed the progress of outsourcing activities in Pandua & adjoining area of Hugli district. The Secretary (MoWR,RD &GR) advised him to ensure better achievement of work.

  • New India Pledge:

    • The officers and staff of all Regional office of  CGWB and Head Quarter CGWB, Faridabad  has taken together "New India Pledge" on the occasion of ‘Quit India Movement’’ anniversary of at 16.00 Hrs on  09-08-2017.

  • Independence Day Celebrations:-

    • The Independence Day function was celebrated in  all CGWB Regional Offices , on  15-08-2017.

    • Important Meetings

    • Regional Director CGWB, KR, Thiruvananthapuram  handled two sessions on topic ‘Hydrogeology Basic Concepts –Hydro-geological features of Kerala and intervention possibilities.’ for two batches of ‘District Level Technical Resource Team’s Training on Mission Water Conservation under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS’ organized by Kerala Institute of Local Administration on 22nd and 23rd August 2017 at Kottarakkara, Kollam district.

    • Regional Director CGWB, KR, Thiruvananthapuram  has attended the first State Level Project Steering Committee (SLPSC) meeting held on 25/8/2017 convened by Secretary Water Resources, Govt of Kerala at North Committee room, Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram.

    • Shri. A. Subburaj, Suptg.Hydrogeologist & H.O.O , CGWB, SECR, Chennai attended the meeting on Rejuvenation of Noyyal River convened by the President, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries at `Siruthuli’, Coimbatore on 01.08.17 and also the meeting convened by the Chief Engineer, C&SRO, Central Water Commission, Coimbatore on 10.08.17.  During the above meetings Shri. A. Subburaj, H.O.O made three presentations.  The details are as follows;

    • Hydrogeology of Coimbatore district

    • Aquifer mapping and Management Plan for Bhavani River Basin

    • Aquifer mapping and Management Plan for Noyyal River Basin

    • The Regional Director  NR,  Lucknow  attended 1st World Bank Mission workshop under NHP organised at Lucknow on 28.08.2017.

    • Video conference was held by the JS(A&GW) & Chairman, Central Ground Water Authority with Regional Directors of  WR - Jaipur, NR - Lucknow, SER -  Bhubaneswar, NCCR - Raipur, NCR - Bhopal, NWR - Chandigarh, ER – Kolkata, UR -  Dehradun and MER – Patna on 17.08.2017 to discuss issues regarding processing of applications received through NOCAP for NOC for ground water withdrawal. From ER, Kolkata video conference was attended by Shri. AmlanjyotiKar, RD (I/C) CGWB, ER, Kolkata with Mrs Rose Anita Kujur, Sc-D (SHG) and MrsSonam, Sc-B (JHG) on 17.08.2017 in connection with CGWA.

    • The 1st meeting of Peer Review Committee (East) was held on 24.08.2017  at CGWB, ER, Kolkata to review the comments of reviewers i.e committee members on the reports of NAQUIM Phase-I, II and III of CGWB, WR, Jaipur, CGWB, NWR Chandigarh and CGWB, NWHR, Jammu.  The meeting was attended by Regional Director , CGWB, ER, Kolkata, SER, Bhubaneswar, MER, Patna. Dr. S.P. Sinha Ray, Former Member, CGWB, & Shri Niladri Naha, Former Director, SWID, Govt. of West Bengal were present as Special Invitee.

    • A Brainstorming Meeting on Submarine Ground water Discharge (SGD) was held  on 31.08.2017 and 01.09.2017 at Ministry of Earth Sciences, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala. A talk on hydrogeology of Andaman & Nicobar Islands with reference to Submarine Ground Water Discharge in sea has been presented by Shri Amlanjyoti Kar, Regional Director (I/C), CGWB, ER, Kolkata.

    • Regional Director,  CGWB, NER, Guwahati attended 13th meeting of CGPB Committee VIII (Geology & Mineral Resources of NER), held on 25th August 2017 at GSI, NER, Shillong.

    • The  empowered committee meeting for wells to be drilled through outsourcing in arsenic affected areas of Bihar and Jharkhand held on 14 August 2017 at Faridabad, under Chairmanship of Member(SAM).

    •  Senior Officers from CGWB, MER, Patna  attended the meeting of Bihar Watershed Development Society (BWDS), Department of Agriculture, Government of Bihar in the chamber of Development Commission, Government of Bihar on 29 August 2017  Discussions were held on Pilot Project Area under BWDS i.e. Nalanda, Supaul and East Champaran district for installation of telemetry based hydrometeorological network.

    • Regional Director and senior officers from CGWB, WCR Ahemadabad attended meeting on “Proposed Unit Cost for Farm sector Activities for Gujarat State for the Year 2018-19” held on 4.08.2017 at  NABARD, Gujarat Regional Office, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad.

    • Senior officers from CGWB, NCR, Bhopal attended the meeting on sharing of Airborne geophysical data between GSI and CGWB on 17th, August, 17 at Kolkata.

    •  Regional Directors, and Senior officers of CGWB attended the World Bank Mission meeting under National Hydrology Project (NHP) on 17th and 18th August, 2017 at Bangalore to review the progress, activities and expenditure under NHP in the South India states including Karnataka.